This page contains all the free literature currently available from Yggdrasil. All of the following zines are in PDF format, and are laid out to be printed on 8.5 x 11 (in North America) or A4 (everywhere else). To print, choose one of these paper sizes, select ‘landscape,’ and fold in half once printed. For those without access to printing, most zines have a WEB READING option, to allow reading on computers.

All material is anti-copyright, which, legally, means it is still copyrighted. Unless you intend to profit off of these works, this essentially means that you’re free to print them, distribute them, plagiarize them, and otherwise do with them as you wish. In the case of works I have shamelessly stolen and republished (particularly Derrick Jensen), copyrights may still apply. If you’re concerned with such laws, you should probably go rethink your life. And, you know, don’t print or distribute copyrighted material. For everyone else, please enjoy.


Against Schools! & The Tyranny of Compulsory Schooling

By John Taylor Gatto

This is the first in a series of anti-schooling and pro-unschooling zines we’ll be publishing. John Taylor Gatto is a former public school teacher turned anti-schooling activist. He received a number of accolades during his many years as a teacher, and has received a great deal of attention in recent years for his unwavering critique of mandatory government-run prison camps for children. This zine is a collection of two of his more popular speeches, and contains a list of resources afterward for parents and kids considering dropping out.

Against Schools! & The Tyranny of Compulsory Schooling (PRINT)

Against Schools & The Tyranny of Compulsory Schooling (READING)


Anarchy!, a short primer

By Rowan WalkingWolf, PhD.

This zine is a tiny introduction to the philosophy of anarchism. Probably not requisite reading for those of you who are already on the A-boat, but this little pamphlet makes an excellent gift for friends and family alike. Or, read it to your kids at bedtime!

Anarchy!, a short primer (PRINT)

Anarchy!, a short primer (PRINT A4)

Anarchy!, a short primer (WEB READING)


Crazy Raberry Ants as a Model for Revolutionary Struggle

By Ruin Doppëlganger, Esq.

This new zine is inspired by a brilliant personal zine entitled When the ants stop marching one by one, which I just discovered and read recently. This edition takes many of the ideas and some of the text from the original and rearranges and reworks them into a platform/manifesto for radical struggle. As with For Chaos!, For the Wild!, For the Horde!, this zine is kind of a joke. But, you know, not really.

Crazy Raberry Ants as a Model for Revolutionary Struggle (PRINT)

Crazy Raberry Ants as a Model for Revolutionary Struggle (PRINT A4)

Crazy Rasberry Ants as a Model for Revolutionary Struggle (WEB READING)


Derrick Jensen on Pacifism and Violence,

Excerpts from Endgame, Volume II: Resistance

Derrick Jensen is one of the foremost voices of anti-civilization anarchism. His stream-of-consciousness style of writing coupled with brilliant critiques of the destruction known as Civilization makes for excellent reading. This zine borrows from the second volume of his most famous work, Endgame, and is concerned with dogmatic pacifism and the appropriate and effective use of violence in radical struggles. Given the dominance of pacifistic dogma in radical circles at present, the arguments and philosophies presented herein are as crucial as ever to the health and success of our movement.

DJ on Pacifism and Violence (PRINT)


For Chaos!, For the Wild!, For the Horde!,

a goblincore primer

By Ruin Doppëlganger, Esq.

This new zine is part joke, part nerddom, part theory. This zine was inspired by a conversation with a friend who feels she’s never been part of a subculture and wants to be. So, we invented a new one: Goblincore! Greenskins of the world unite!

For Chaos!, For the Wild!, For the Horde! (PRINT)

For Chaos!, For the Wild!, For the Horde! (PRINT A4)

For Chaos!, a Goblincore Primer (WEB READING)


Greenwashing and You!

a short primer on “green” capitalism and how to move toward true sustainability

By Ruin Doppëlganger, Esq.

This zine is ready just in time for everyone’s favorite greenwashing holiday: Earth Day 2010!!! This small pamphlet highlights the practice of greenwashing and the hideous beast that is green capitalism. It also provides some suggestions for actions folks can take to move toward true sustainability.

Stylistically, this zine breaks with previous Yggdrasil distro aesthetics. The attitude and atmosphere of greenwashed capitalism reminded the author of the insane advertising of the 40s and 50s, leading to a brochure-like zine that expropriates art and slogans from the nuclear era and repurposes them for today’s world. Happy reading!

Greenwashing and You! (PRINT)

Greenwashing and You!(PRINT A4)

Greenwashing and You! (READING)


In Defense of Conan the Barbarian:

The Anarchism, Primitivism, & Feminism of Robert Ervin Howard

By Rowan WalkingWolf

This zine explores the politics and social issues in R.E. Howard’s original Conan the Barbarian yarns. It seeks to (and hopefully succeeds at) dismantling the pop-culture concept of Conan as a dude-bro meat-head jock, revealing the politically-charged Conan of Howard’s mythos.

Two editions are offered below. They are identical except for the cover- the PLAIN COVER version has a simpler cover that requires less ink to print.

In Defense of Conan (PRINT)

In Defense of Conan (PRINT, PLAIN COVER)

In Defense of Conan (WEB READING)


Liberating Ourselves in the Boudoir

An Anarchist-Feminist Perspective Against BDSM

This zine is an updated, re-edited, rewritten version of a much older zine. The authors explore the topic of BDSM with a critical eye, arguing that BDSM as a set of behaviors and ideas is contradictory to the ideals of liberation, anarchism, feminism/anti-patriarchy, and anti-civilized thought. NOTE: The heavy subject matter of this zine is sure to evoke strong feelings in readers. As one publisher/distributor of this zine, we’re happy to receive commentary and discussion from readers that we will be equally happy to forward to the authors. However, PLEASE do not send us hateful, pejorative, inflammatory, or polemic emails about this zine simply because it takes a stance against something you may be in to. We will not respond to emails of this sort, and they will not be forwarded to the authors of this zine. Thanks!

Liberating Ourselves in the Boudoir (PRINT)

Liberating Ourselves in the Boudoir (WEB READING)


Towards the Destruction of Schooling

By Jan D. Matthews

This is the second in our series of anti-schooling works. This zine is a bit more overtly anarchist than Gatto’s writings, and thus contains a more focused radical critique of forced schooling. A clever, somewhat academic addition to the pool of anti-school literature, this zine comes highly recommended.

Toward the Destruction of Schooling (PRINT)

Toward the Destruction of Schooling (READING)



An Herbal Medicine-Making Primer

By Simon the Simpler

This addition to the Yggdrasil collection is a thorough examination of the various methods of preparing herbal medicines. Many plant-focused and herbal medicine zines exist, but few of them explore any methods of preparing herb medicine beyond simple infusions and decoctions. This zine seeks to remedy this by giving detailed instructions about menstra, tinctures, salves, creams, sitz baths, salt scrubs, and more. The essay This is Anarcho-Herbalism, originally by Laurel Luddite, is also included.

An Herbal Medicine-Making Primer (PRINT)

An Herbal Medicine-Making Primer (PRINT A4)

An Herbal Medicine-Making Primer (WEB READING)


Edible, Medicinal, & Utilitarian Plants

Volume I: “Weeds” & Common Plants

By Rowan WalkingWolf, PhD. with Harun Highmountain, MD.

This zine is the first volume in a series concentrating on revealing the vast world of edible, medicinal, and functional (as in primitive skills) uses of plants. Volume I focuses on “weeds” and plants that are easily found and identified throughout the world.

Edible, Medicinal, & Utilitarian Herbs, Volume I (PRINT)

Edible, Medicinal, & Utilitarian Herbs, Volume I (PRINT A4)

Edible, Medicinal, & Utilitarian Herbs, Volume I (READING)


Primitive Toothcare:

a DIY Guide to Uncivilized Oral Hygiene

By Rowan WalkingWolf, PhD.

Fed up with stealing toothpaste and rubbing synthetic nylon all over my face, I decided to explore alternative (primitive) options in taking care of my teeth, gums, and mouth. This zine is a collection of all the resulting methods I discovered. Primitive toothcare is surprisingly easy and effective, and gives one the sense of empowerment that comes with reclaiming control of one’s body and health. Tired of industrial dentistry? Try the ancient and time-proven methods present within.

Primitive Toothcare (PRINT)

Primitive Toothcare (PRINT A4)

Primitive Toothcare (WEB READING)




Detailing Its Many Uses in Ancestral Bushcraft & Primitive Skills

This publication does just what the title suggests, revealing the vast and diverse array of uses of bamboo in a primitive/ancestral context. Includes photos/pictures and how-to information on almost every entry within.



Cloak & Dagger Compendium,

Issue #1: Thieving Fundamentals, Shoplifting, Expropriation

Edited by Robin Marks

This zine is the first issue of an ongoing series dedicated to teaching and discussing thieving skills. This issue is devoted to the basics of thievery, the politics and ethics or theft, shoplifting, dumpstering, and gleaning.

Cloak & Dagger Compendium, Issue I (PRINT)

Cloak & Dagger Compendium, Issue I (PRINT A4)


Cloak & Dagger Compendium,

Issue #2: Lockpicking

Edited by Robin Marks

At long last the second issue of Cloak & Dagger is finished! This edition contains basic, intermediate, and advanced information for the bypassing and picking of warded locks, pin-tumbler and wafer-tumbler locks, and tubular locks. Information concerning the home-manufacture of skeleton keys, tension tools, and lockpicks is also provided. Happy pickings!

Cloak & Dagger Compendium, Issue II (PRINT)

Cloak & Dagger Compendium, Issue II (PRINT A4)


Cloak & Dagger Compendium,

Issue #3: Thieves’ Cant, Parlance of the Underworld

Edited by Robin Marks

Just when our readers were getting restless, the devoted crew of C&D authors have cranked out the third issue. This issue expands on previous issues by providing a selective dictionary of canting terms used by historical and modern thieves. This zine will surely delight all those interested in the history of thieving.

Cloak & Dagger Compendium, Issue III (PRINT)

Cloak & Dagger Compendium, Issue III (PRINT A4)


MIT Guide to Lockpicking

By Ted the Tool

This classic manual is a must for all beginning lock pickers. It focuses mainly on pin and tumbler locks, and touches lightly on tubular locks and wafer locks. Although this text is not entirely comprehensive on the subject, it does provide invaluable and humorously written information for those just beginning to learn this precious skill.

Unlike the other zines, this is laid out for printing 8.5×11, front and back.

* MIT Guide to Lockpicking (PRINT & READING)

*Note: If clicking the link, for some reason, doesn’t open the document, instead, right click, choose “save link as”, and download the pdf. Then, the document should open and print correctly.


a Compendium of Ancestral Technologies for Survival During Industrial Collapse & the Post-apocalypse

This zine is a detailed look into “scavenger-tech”, the apocalyptic methodology of scavenging the rubbish and detritus of the civilized world and repurposing it into useful materials for primitive skills and survival applications. Ever wanted to make friction fire with nothing but Ikea products? Ever wanted to explore knapping deadly knives and arrowheads from broken glass bottles or toilet ceramic? Plastic bag cordage? PVC bows? This zine covers it all, and more!

Paleo-pocalypse! (PRINT & READING)

Skinning, Tanning, & Working Hides,

a DIY guide to an ancient skill

By Rowan WalkingWolf, PhD.

This zine is an exploration of the ancient skill of working hides. Includes all the information beginners need to know to skin animals, and stretch, scrape, tan, and soften their hides, all without the use of industrial chemicals. DIY the old way!

Skinning, Tanning, & Working Hides (PRINT)

Skinning, Tanning, & Working Hides (WEB READING)



Indwiloq, a green anarchist creation myth and fable

By Rowan WalkingWolf

This zine is exactly what the title implies, a fable with a subtle undertone of green anarchy. A story suitable for adults and children that (hopefully) teaches an important moral.

Indwiloq (PRINT)

Indwiloq (WEB READING)


That-Which-Shall-Be of Old Khalil or Visions of a Hashish Eater

By Farjad Mohammed Nijad Shabak

This zine is a fictional account of a chance meeting of two people in medieval Persia. It is also a bit of poetic prophecy about the world of the future from the perspective of an aged Islamic mystic in the middle ages. This zine is not inherently political, but can be read with a political eye.

That-Which-Shall-Be of Old Khalil (PRINT)


The Secret of Dreaming

a Tale from Indigenous Australia

This zine captures one rendition of the Australian aboriginal creation story. There are countless tellings and retellings of this story, and this one has been told before. However, the edition contained in this zine is my personal slant on a version that has several times been co-opted by civilized Westerners for profit. Here, the story is presented as a gift, as it was meant to be. Whether or not you believe the mythology, this gorgeous story contains important lessons for us all.

The Secret of Dreaming (PRINT)

The Secret of Dreaming (WEB READING)


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