NEW ZINE: Paleo-pocalypse!

December 28, 2015

My newest brainchild is a in-depth exploration of “scavenger-tech”, the methodology of scrounging the rubbish and detritus of civilization and repurposing it in primitive skill and survival applications. Among a whirlwind of other topics, this zine covers knapping broken glass bottles and toilet ceramics, friction fire made using exclusively Ikea products, tire tread sandals, candles made from crayons or oranges, fish hooks from soda can tabs, and much more.

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Hot off the press (of my brain), this new pseudo-zine is exactly what it promises: a lengthy and hopefully comprehensive codex of everything bamboo. In regards to primitive living and skills, bamboo is arguably the most versatile and useful plant in the world, and this zine hopes to illuminate that fact.

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