This newest campaign setting is an adaptation of White Wolf’s legendary Vampire: the Masqueradei.  While faithful to the original in many ways, this supplement not only adapts the original source material into the SAGA ruleset, but also, hopefully, makes a few improvements. Contained within is detailed information on fourteen clans (including the insular Salubri and the clanless Caitiff), the Camarilla, Sabbat, and Anarch Movement, and a variety of vampiric Disciplines and powers. This supplement can be used to incorporate a comprehensive vampire mythos into any campaign setting or genre, including fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, comtemporary, or any real-world setting.

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In attempting to keep my Magic: the Gathering Campaign Setting up to date in the Magic canon, I’ve just finished a Tarkir supplement detailing every aspect of that bellicose plane. Visit the Roleplaying Page for free downloads.

Or, click Tarkir.

In keeping with the rest of the campaign settings, I’ve completed a new edition of Campaign Setting #2 – Magnamund. The material has been updated, some errors corrected, and most importantly, the layout has been redone and greatly improved. Now contains a ton of high-res, full color pics and generally less newbness than the last edition. Hooray.

For downloads, please visit the Roleplaying & Gaming Page.

I’ve redone Campaign Setting #4: The Hyborian Age to keep pace with the other campaign settings I’ve updated. It is now in full-color, with better resolution images. It also contains more comprehensive information, and several errors have been fixed. Downloads are available for free on the Roleplaying Page.

As always, feedback is welcome. Enjoy!

After laboring for the better part of a year, I’ve finally finished my most ambitious project yet- The Magic: the Gathering Campaign Setting! This illustrated, full-color campaign setting contains information on all the major planes of existence in the Magic Multiverse, as well as detailed discussion of all the races, ethnic groups, and lineages of humanoid peoples on those planes. Also included are rules for converting M:tG spells to fit the Saga system’s rules, and a new character sheet to use with characters in an M:tG campaign.

To download this colossal 300-page tome, please visit the Roleplaying Page.

The poor quality of my second campaign setting, Braythmar, has been bugging the hell out of me for well over two years now. So, today, I buckled down and spent 8 hours fixing it and making it something worth being proud of.

Braythmar’s all about indigenous resistance to an early empire in a high-fantasy bronze age. As if that’s not awesome enough, it now looks REALLY, REALLY good compared to the newb crap it looked like only hours ago.

So go check it out. Please. Seriously, it’s awesome now. Go.

Download Braythmar here or visit the Roleplaying Page for more information on the campaign setting.


With the rejuvenating rays of spring sunshine, I’ve finally found the motivation to finish one of the dozens of projects I’ve fallen behind on. Ladies, gentlemen, and gender-neutral gentlefolk, I present to you: the NEVERWHERE CAMPAIGN SETTING!

Like the previously released campaign setting, Arcanum, Neverwhere is a dark urban fantasy, although it shares little of the steampunk elements so common in Arcanum. Neverwhere is based on the novel and BBC series by the same name, both created and written by Neil Gaiman. In this setting, player-characters “fall through the cracks” of contemporary industrial society, finding themselves in a harsh, gritty, terrifying subterranean realm beneath the major cities of the world.

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Inspired by the positive emails I’ve gotten from folks who are enjoying Arcanum, I’ve decided to lay out all of my roleplaying material (uh-gain) in color. I’ve completed the Nahmurg Wastes so far; others will follow soon. Also, in keeping with the character sheets released with Arcanum, I’ve released a post-apocalyptic themed character sheet for Nahmurg and other apocalyptic settings.

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Campaign Setting #1: The Nahmurg Wastes  (Now in Color!)

Saga Character Sheet #5  (POST-APOCALYPSE)

Arcanum Edited & Update

November 1, 2011

Many thousands of typos and errors have been corrected, and the Rural Community Name Generator has been expanded and made awesomer. Go download Arcanum campaign setting right now. Seriously, do it.