I finished writing and publishing the first edition of the Theros supplement prior to Wizards of the Coast finishing the Theros block. Just so, with the release of the Journey to Nyx expansion, Wizards has added 10 new deities to the Theran pantheon, which substantially alters the information in the first edition Theros supplement.

A second up-to-date version is now available, containing detailed information on the entire pantheon of Theran deities, their personalities and domains, and the cults of worshippers dedicated to them. For free downloads, click Theros or visit the Roleplaying and Wargaming Page.


Thanks to the helpful input and constructive criticism of the legendary Sam Danielson, Yggdrasil is proud to announce the first expansion set for our newest game,WASTELANDER. The Road Warrior Expansion brings dozens of new critters and human enemies to the wasteland, including a number of infamous characters (and locations) from the second Mad Max movie, The Road Warrior. This expansion also offers a handful of new weapons, a few new places to explore, and a controversial and coveted resource in the apocalyptic wasteland – HARD DRUGS!

This expansion adds 40 Wasteland Deck cards and 16 Loot Deck cards, and is NOT a standalone game. The WASTELANDER core set is required to use this expansion.

Free downloads are available on the Collectible Card Games Page.

I’ve been working on this project for well over a year now, so I am extremely pleased to release WASTELANDER, a post-apocalyptic survival card game! In Wastelander, players either compete or cooperate to stay alive and thrive in the post-collapse wasteland, using a combination of combat, diplomacy, stealth, and trade. This game draws heavily from sources such as Mad Max, the indie comic Wasteland, and the Fallout series of computer games, and it plays very similarly to Steve Jackson Games legendary card game Munchkin.

For free downloads, please visit the Card Games Page, or click the following links. ENJOY!

Wastelander Rules



The most recent expansion that Wizards has released for M:tG introduces the new plane known of Theros,a plane that draws heavily upon Classical Greece. Theros is a world of bronze, philosophy, anthropomorphic gods and goddesses that meddle in mortal affairs, of myth and adventure. In the interest of keeping the M:tG Campaign Setting up to date, Yggdrasil Distro is pleased  to offer the first supplement to that setting: THEROS!

For free downloads, please visit the Roleplaying Page or click here.

Due to my ongoing homelessness, everything I’ve been working on for Yggdrasil Distro has been super slow-going. Just writing this quick post to let fans and readers know that Yggdrasil Distro is still an active project, and that new literature and games will be made available in the near future.


Once again (and hopefully for the last time), I’ve redone the Anarchist M:tG Commander deck that I made some time ago. This edition was made with Magic Set Editor 2 (unlike previous editions), so the cards are actually high-res, professional quality cards with legit backgrounds, text, flavor text, and so on. Also, the mechanics of the deck have been redone and play-tested, so the deck should be intensely competitive without being “broken”.

Please visit the Card Games page for more information and free downloads. Or, to jump right in, click the download links below:

Card Layout WITH BACKS

Card Layout NO BACKS

I’ve been toying with the idea of a Hyborian Age Magic: the Gathering  expansion for some time, and I’ve finally concluded that it’s an excellent idea. I’ve done around 50 cards now, and I’m anticipating between 100-200 when it’s done.

In other card-game related news:

1. I will be re-re-redoing the anarchist M:tG expansion, this time with professional quality and greatly improved mechanics. The first two editions of the anarchist expansion I’ve done were done without the help of Magic Set Editor 2, much to my great dismay. This edition, however, will be done entirely with that program, yielding a much higher quality.

2. I will be finishing Wastelander. Yes, seriously. I know it’s taken, like, a year or two, but I will finally get around to finishing it.

In keeping with the rest of the campaign settings, I’ve completed a new edition of Campaign Setting #2 – Magnamund. The material has been updated, some errors corrected, and most importantly, the layout has been redone and greatly improved. Now contains a ton of high-res, full color pics and generally less newbness than the last edition. Hooray.

For downloads, please visit the Roleplaying & Gaming Page.

I’ve redone Campaign Setting #4: The Hyborian Age to keep pace with the other campaign settings I’ve updated. It is now in full-color, with better resolution images. It also contains more comprehensive information, and several errors have been fixed. Downloads are available for free on the Roleplaying Page.

As always, feedback is welcome. Enjoy!

The newest edition to the Yggdrasil Distro library is an expansion to one of my oldest and most cherished passions: Illuminati Deluxe by Steve Jackson Games. This expansion adds 3 new Illuminati groups, 92 new groups, and 4 new special cards (2 of each). This set also adds new alignments and traits, and a bit of errata for the pre-existing cards.

Please visit the Collectible Card Games page for free downloads.