Who doesn’t love the millions of de-motivational posters and lolcats that haunt the interwebs? Well, I sure as hell do. So, I’ve decided to re-purpose and re-enliven my favorite memes with an anarchist flare. This page contains all the politically-motivated fake motivational posters, art, and other miscellaneous tidbits that Yggdrasil has to offer. Enjoy!

Firefly Demotivational Alignment Posters

Here’s a series of 9 posters I did with the characters from Joss Whedon’s brilliant space-western, Firefly illustrating conventional RPG alignments:





















America, Fuck Yeah #2

Goddamn, I love my god and I love my country! Wahoo!

Civilization Intellect De-motivational Poster

Civilization McDonald’s Kid De-motivational Poster

Another anti-civ poster. Truly, truly horrific.

America, Fuck Yeah De-motivational Poster

When I found this image hidden deep in the void of the interwebs, I knew I couldn’t possibly resist making it into a de-motivational poster.

9/11 Determination De-motivational Poster

This poster reiterates a time-honored axiom in an incredibly insensitive- and I think hilarious- way.

Emma Goldman “Chaotic Good” Poster

This poster is a nod to my adoration of nerd culture, roleplaying, and of course, one of the most intelligent and beautiful anarchists ever to grace this planet.

Civilization: Epic Fail Poster


Direct Action De-motivational Poster

This is the first of hopefully many posters mocking the twin towers and events of 9/11. Rejoice in the humor of destroying infrastructure!

Let’s Go Cascadia! Poster

I stole this image from Warhammer 40k, edited the crap out of it, and hopefully managed to make an inspiring poster for all the other Cascadian anarchists out there.

Fuck the PoPo Demotivational Poster

Little kids flipping the bird- classic!

Patriarchal Gender Roles Demotivational Poster

And here’s another great pic of kids and bird fingers:


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