This page is the newest addition to the Yggdrasil repertoire. At present, this page contains Apothecary, a card game of herbal medicine and the history of herbalism. This page also contains the Anarchist Magic: the Gathering deck developed and published by Yggdrasil Distro, and Wastelander, a post-apocalyptic card game very similar to Munchkin, the popular dungeon-crawler from Steve Jackson Games.


a card game of herbal medicine

by Rowan WalkingWolf

The purpose of this card game is to teach players the medicinal properties of various plants, while also teaching the medical vocabulary used in modern and traditional herbal practice. The basic set includes the rules, the Effects Deck, and Plant Deck (all required to play). The newest edition of Apothecary has been massively updated, including high-res color cards in both decks.

Apothecary Rules

Effects Deck

Plant Deck


Anarchist Magic: the Gathering Deck

by Rowan WalkingWolf

I recently started playing Magic again after a years-long hiatus. I’m super stoked about the EDH/Commander format, and decided that I really need an anarchist themed deck. So here it is!

This deck contains 100 cards plus 2 extra forests and 2 extra mountains to allow players to adjust the deck’s mana curve. Red Emma of Kovno (Emma Goldman) is the commander of this deck, and many other legendary anarchists are available to help you crush your enemies.

Several files appear below. Description & Instructions explains how to use the deck, and gives details about the inspiration for each card, since many of the references are obscure and “fantasized”. Card Layout WITH BACKS contains all of the cards as well as alternate pages with Magic card backs, so the printed images will look like authentic cards. Card Layout NO BACKS  is simply all the cards in the deck without official Magic card rears, and should be used for single-sided printing. All three are in PDF format.


Card Layout WITH BACKS

Card Layout NO BACKS

Anarchist Magic Deck, Description & Instructions

Illuminati Deluxe 2013 Expansion

by Rowan WalkingWolf

I’ve been a fan and avid player of Steve Jackson Games’ Illuminati for going on 20 years now. Hell, I even used to play Illuminati: New World Order, the collectible card game that existed years before Illuminati Deluxe. Just so, I’ve wanted to do an expansion for this phenomenal game for many years now and I’ve finally gotten around to it. This expansion features 3 new Illuminati groups (including the International Anarchist Conspiracy!), 92 new groups, and 4 new special cards. This set was created on Magic Set Editor 2, an amazing shareware program that anyone interested in making their own CCG cards should check out. As such, the cards in this set are much higher quality than those in the Magic expansion above. Three files are listed below: Rules (description of this expansion and errata), Cards – No Backs (cards laid out for printing with no backs), and Cards – With Backs (for 2-sided printing).

Rules & Errata

Cards (No Backs)

Cards (With Backs)


a card game of post-apocalyptic survival

By Rowan WalkingWolf

WASTELANDERis Yggdrasil Distro’s newest card game offering, and we’re very pleased to finally release it. This is a game of post-apocalyptic combat, diplomacy, stealth, and trade, and plays very similarly to Steve Jackson Games legendary game Munchkin. The game includes a core set of cards comprised of two decks- the Wasteland Deck and the Loot Deck- and the core rulebook as well. Besides the standard competitive game, the rules detail a number of alternative variants for hardcore mode and cooperative play. Free downloads below!

Wastelander Rules



Wastelander – The Road Warrior Expansion

By Rowan WalkingWolf

By special request, this expansion adds a large and lethal variety of baddies to encounter in your post-apocalyptic meanderings. This expansion adds 40 Wasteland Deck cards and 16 Loot Deck cards, including tons of new enemies, new weapons, and hard drugs! This is NOT a standalone game, and requires the Wastelander core set to play.

Road Warrior Expansion Rules

Road Warrior Expansion WASTELAND DECK

Road Warrior Expansion LOOT DECK


5 Responses to “Collectible Card Games”

  1. Eric Excessive said

    Thanks so much for all your hard work on these CCGs and RPGs.

    • Rowan WalkingWolf said

      You’re welcome! It’s my pleasure, really, especially knowing that folks are into the nerdliness that I produce. Thanks for your feedback and take care!

      – Rowan

  2. Sean said

    Hi there! I’m really interested in printing Apothecary, but I’m not completely sure on the process. I want to do a cheap version first to see how I/we like the game, so I was thinking of printing it on regular 8.5×11″ printer paper. But when I printed out a test page without adjusting any settings, the bottom row of cards was cut off at the bottom. I tried selecting “fit to page” and it works fine, but the cards are a bit small. I’m just wondering if you had any input on the recommended method of doing this, as I’ve never done it before. I would be perfectly happy using the smaller cards, but it would be nice to have them in their intended size. Thanks a lot, I’m really excited to try it out! You’re awesome for putting these up for free!

    • Rowan WalkingWolf said

      Hello there, and thanks for writing to express your interest. As a mega card nerd and avid card proxy printer, I totally understand where you’re coming from. The shitty and honest answer is that, unless you have access to a printer with extended margins (like the colossal laser printers at Office Max or Staples), then the cards are either going to get chopped off or be a bit smallish. Otherwise, if you find access to a printer with extended margins, they should print just fine.

      As to the regular 8 1/2 by 11 paper, it’s definitely a more economical option than cardstock. However, I would recommend what we call “penny sleeves” in the world of Magic: the Gathering. They’re wee protective plastic sheets that are, as the name suggests, 1 cent each (they come in packages of 100 for $1). Most game shops and hobby stores carry them, and they’re easily available online. Utilizing such cheap card protectors allows for the longevity of standard paper cards, which, while cheaper to print, get obliterated in like three games of usage.

      Anyway, hope this helps. Feel free to email me again with other questions or concerns; otherwise, enjoy playing Apothecary!

      – Rowan

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