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Begun in 2008, Yggdrasil Distro is an anarchist zine distributor currently based in Oregon. Yggdrasil is dedicated to bringing the reader the finest in D.I.Y. anti-authoritarian literature, and, in the spirit of gift economics, is devoted to doing so without the exchange of money.

Yggdrasil is operated by Dr. Rowan WalkingWolf, who is supported and nourished by a handful of beautiful comrades. This distributor, in the likeness of its proprietor, is decidedly green in its anarchy, anti-authoritarian, anti-fascist,  anti-patriarchy, pro-queer, pro-indigenous peoples, pro-defensive violence, and anti-paying for anything ever.

Concerning the name Yggdrasil

In the myths and stories of the people of Scandinavia, Yggdrasil is the World Tree: an enormous, ancient, magical Ash that binds the many worlds together. It is a symbol of the power, wisdom, and strength of the natural world, and before the rampaging virus called Christianity annihilated northern Europe, Yggdrasil was considered sacred.

Unfortunately, as with so many of the symbols and stories of the indigenous peoples of northern Europe, Yggdrasil has been co-opted and perverted by the hordes of white nationalist and neo-Nazi fucks who plague our world. Lest any rumors begin to circulate about my use of the word ‘Yggdrasil’:

this distro is in no way associated with and in no way supports fascist, racist, white nationalist, or Nazi morons, and in fact despises and seeks to destroy all such groups and individuals.

On behalf of my own Norse heritage, I am happy to reclaim Yggdrasil from those who corrupt it and put it to good use.

Contact info

Please send emails to:

Facebook: Rowan WalkingWolf

(Unless, of course, you’re a Nazi, capitalist, cop, military grunt, CEO, dude-bro, rascist, homophobe, vivisector, socialist, Marxist, patriarch or matriarch, or otherwise authoritarian jerk… In the event you are one of these, please address your comments and concerns to the barrel of a gun pointed at your own vacant head. Cheers!)


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