Shameless Self-Promotion, Works In Progress

January 3, 2015

Just wanted to post a quick shout out to my other blog, Coyote and Wolf, whereupon I blog various essays and diatribes about politics and ethics.Check it out, y’all!

Also, since Yggdrasil has been relatively inactive and infrequently updated of late, here’s a short list of projects I’m working on and will likely finish in the coming months:

Apothecary, my herbal medicine card game, redone in higher resolution and color

Bas-Lag: The Campaign Setting, based on the works of China Mieville

Bamboo!, a zine concerning all the thousands of utilitarian uses of bamboo in relation to bushcraft

Vampire – Danse Macabre, a faithful adaptation and shameless ripoff of Vampire: the Masquerade, for Saga

– My own adaptation of cyvasse, the chess-like game from the Song of Ice and Fire books

– My very first gamebook, Moonshadow and the Quest for the Yellow Lotus, an adventure in the Hyborian Age concerning indigeneity, de-colonization, and feminist themes

– an updated 5th edition of the Saga core rulebook

– maaaaaaaaybe, just maybe, I’m going to start work on a post-apocalyptic M:tG clone, if there’s enough interest and I have enough time

Stay tuned, friends! There’s a lot of good things coming in 2015.


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