New Project: Hyborian Age M:tG Expansion

April 19, 2013

I’ve been toying with the idea of a Hyborian Age Magic: the Gathering  expansion for some time, and I’ve finally concluded that it’s an excellent idea. I’ve done around 50 cards now, and I’m anticipating between 100-200 when it’s done.

In other card-game related news:

1. I will be re-re-redoing the anarchist M:tG expansion, this time with professional quality and greatly improved mechanics. The first two editions of the anarchist expansion I’ve done were done without the help of Magic Set Editor 2, much to my great dismay. This edition, however, will be done entirely with that program, yielding a much higher quality.

2. I will be finishing Wastelander. Yes, seriously. I know it’s taken, like, a year or two, but I will finally get around to finishing it.


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