New Campaign Setting: Neverwhere

May 26, 2012

With the rejuvenating rays of spring sunshine, I’ve finally found the motivation to finish one of the dozens of projects I’ve fallen behind on. Ladies, gentlemen, and gender-neutral gentlefolk, I present to you: the NEVERWHERE CAMPAIGN SETTING!

Like the previously released campaign setting, Arcanum, Neverwhere is a dark urban fantasy, although it shares little of the steampunk elements so common in Arcanum. Neverwhere is based on the novel and BBC series by the same name, both created and written by Neil Gaiman. In this setting, player-characters “fall through the cracks” of contemporary industrial society, finding themselves in a harsh, gritty, terrifying subterranean realm beneath the major cities of the world.

Please visit the Roleplaying Page for downloads, or simply click here.


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