Wastelander in Beta!

November 24, 2011

After buckling down and rekindling my passion for post-apocalyptic games, I’ve devoted myself to finishing Wastelander, the collectible card game of apocalyptic survival. I anticipate beta testing within the week, which should only take a few days. Once Beta is complete, I’ll begin laying out the cards for printing and play. I reckon Wastelander  will be finished in a month or so.

I’m pretty stoked about finishing this project, since a Google search for “post-apocalyptic card game” brings up the Yggdrasil website! No post-apocalyptic card games exist, apparently, and especially no free ones. Check back often for the world’s first free apocalyptic CCG. w00t!


2 Responses to “Wastelander in Beta!”

  1. MEGATØN said

    Hello. Came across your post and wanted to stop by and invite you to join us on the Post-Apocalyptic Forum. I’m sure our members would be excited to hear about your game.

    Or we could set you up with your own board if you wanted to collect feedback that way too.


    • yggdrasildistro said

      Thanks for the invite, and sorry for the super-delayed response. I’m currently trying to finish Wastelander, so perhaps I’ll join the forum when the game is all laid-out for printing. Should be finished within a week or two. Cheers!

      – Rowan WalkingWolf

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