Upcoming Releases & Miscellany

September 22, 2011

Hello all you glorious 30 or so people who visit Yggdrasil Distro every day!


This wee post is to inform you dedicated radicals and zinester internet dorks about upcoming releases. Mostly, it’s meant to let y’all know that there will be upcoming releases.  Summer is a time of working on practical prim skills for me, so I haven’t really done much writing. Hacking out the Conan zine was a Herculean effort, believe me. Sitting behind a compy when I could be out playing with pelts and baskets and such just isn’t appealing.


Anyway, as summer gives way to autumn (my favorite season, btw), I hear the first notes blowing of the Horn of the Recluse, that dulcet pipe that signals my hibernatory instincts. In simpler language, I’m totally ready to get lots of in-door shit done this autumn and winter.


So… MANY GOOD THINGS ARE FORTHCOMING!!! Stay tuned, friends.


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