Saga Core Rulebook Version 3.5: Extreme System Improvements!!!

May 28, 2011

There have been a few flaws concerning Saga’s die rolling and conflict resolution mechanics that have been bugging the hell out of me since I finished the last edition. Namely, the adding up of multiple d20s is time-consuming and difficult for many players (ahhh! math!). Also, the Mass Combat/Warfare mechanics in the previous edition were choppy, poorly-implemented, and ill-fitting with the rest of the rules.

This edition fixes all that.

Die rolling still uses conflicting forces like character attributes and skills and the difficulty of tasks. Now, however, instead of rolling a ridiculous number of d20s and adding up huge sums, the system uses chances of success (based, of course, on the stats on both sides of the conflict) and percentile dice! I’ve always had a secret love affair Percentile Dice (d100s emulated by 2d10s), ever since I flirted with the millions of old Rifts supplements and other Palladium miscellany back in the late 80s and early 90s. Well, now I get to use them, and it’s awesome!

Players of previous versions of Saga need not worry. Unlike D&D and other corporate RPGs, my interest in publishing roleplaying games is not to change the rules every two years so I can accrue more cash. Rather, I seek to make the best, most realistic, and easiest to learn free DIY RPG in the whole of the interwebs. Old Saga players will quickly pick up these changes, and I’m sure will find them a major improvement.

In other news, now that Saga’s die rolling mechanics are almost identical to Tabletop Tactics, I’m going to overhaul that game as well. Look back to the Yggdrasil site often for updates and further improvements.


To download the new Saga Core Rulebook, please visit the Roleplaying & Wargaming Page.


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