Free Audiobooks! Coming Soon…

January 19, 2011

I recently updated the Yggdrasil website so I can now upload mP3s. As such, as soon as I find a reliable interwebs connection, I’ll be uploading free audio recordings of my favorite books and essays, read by yours truly. Coming soon, expect Starship Stormtroopers by Michael Moorcock,The Original Affluent Society by Marshall Sahlins, and a recording of my zine Derrick Jensen on Pacifism & Violence.

Also, I’d really love to have a super-expansive set of audiobooks for folks to download, so, I’d be thrilled to receive audiobook contributions. I’m looking for: anarchist fiction and non-fiction, feminist fiction and non-fiction, anti-civ/Primitivist writings, and science-fiction and fantasy works that are generally entertaining (whether or not they espouse good politics).

Please email me if you’re interested in contributing:


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