Free Collectible Card Games in Development!

January 8, 2011

I’ve recently started work on two new projects… I don’t usually post about projects and zines until they’re completed and uploaded, but I’m so stoked about both of these that I just had to post advance news about them.

I’ve been playing roleplaying games and collectible card games (CCGs) since I was a fat, pimply teenager. I’ve also been writing and publishing RPG material for nearly as long. But it just dawned on me, in a flash of sudden insight, that I can create and publish my own CCGs too!

And so, I anticipate the release of two Collectible Card Games very near in the future. The first is Apothecary, a strategic card game of plant medicine. It plays a bit like Gloom and Magic: the Gathering mashed together, and its purpose is to help players learn the medicinal properties of various plants. Plant medicine is one of my greatest passions in life, and I figured it can only be more enjoyable in the form of a strategy card game.

Apothecary is currently undergoing extensive play-testing, and the cards are being revised and laid out for printing. A PDF of the rules and a PDF of the entire deck will be available some time within the next month or so.

The second CCG project I’m developing gets me all giddy and tingling in the stomache. It occured to me not too long ago that there aren’t any post-apocalyptic CCGs, and that, I think, is a freakin’ tragedy. I love post-apocalyptic games and fiction as a genre, and I simply can’t believe no one’s put out an apocalyptic CCG. So I’m doing it.

My post-apocalyptic CCG is called Wastelander. This game is in its early stages (mostly delayed because I’m trying to finish Apothecary), and it may take a few months to finish. It plays a lot like Munchkin, with a little dash of Illuminati thrown in. The basic goal of the game is to outlast and out-survive your opponents, although certain cards will add special goals and victory conditions as well.

As with Apothecary, Wastelander will be posted in two PDFs, one of rules, and the other containing the deck. As with all Yggdrasil Distro and Saga products, these two card games will be totally free and downloadable.

Check back often for updates.



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