New Zine: MIT Guide to Lockpicking

March 5, 2010

While recently re-reading this classic, and comparing its instructions with my real-life experience (all legal, of course!), I realized that it’s surprisingly difficult to find on the interwebs on radical and anarchist websites. So, I thought, why the hell not publish it?

The version currently uploaded here is the classic itself, laid out for printing on 8.5×11, double sided. I’m currently working on an updated version that will be laid out for printing in standard zine format (8.5×11 in half). Check back in the following weeks for updates.

To download and read the MIT Guide to Lockpicking, please visit the Zines & Literature page, or click here.

*Note: If, for some reason, clicking on the link doesn’t open the document, instead, right click and choose “save link as”, which allows the pdf to be saved to the computer. It should open and print correctly once saved.


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