Pretty much as the title describes. This new character sheet is a fillable PDF. Unfortunately, it’s set to Arial as the default font for the fill boxes, which is pretty hideous. Might well alter this soon and upload a newer version. Cheers!

As part of my effort to update all previous SAGA Campaign Settings, I’ve finished redesigning and polishing the Chronicles of Magnamund setting. Available for free download here.

A newer, sleeker, and this time SPELLCHECKED! version of Vampire: Danse Macabre is now available, and is fully compatible with SAGA 6th Edition. Also includes several new clans, some from the original Vampire: the Masquerade mythos, and a few new pastiches cobbled together from various other sources. Enjoy!

Vampire Danse Macabre, SAGA 6th Edition

I’ve just finished a much more streamlined and, in my opinion, aesthetically pleasing character sheet for SAGA. Much more spacious and organized. Cheers!

Saga Character Sheet

As the first step of the epic journey of converting all the material previously published in supplements and campaign settings to the new SAGA 6th Edition Ruleset, I’ve finished altering the Shadowrun supplement. It’s now fully compatible with the updated rules. Cheers!


Shadowrun SAGA for 6th Edition

I’ve taken an extremely long hiatus from writing and publishing, but not to worry! I’ve returned. I’ve been busy with other projects and learning new skills in the material world, and, largely, have moved toward living in/on/with wilder landbases, and thus, haven’t been writing and publishing a lot. That said, I do intend to continue producing SAGA materials. I don’t really care about continuing to slog out political writings, as there’s already an ample body of work regarding anarchism, primitivism, etc., so I don’t feel it’s necessary for me to contribute to that realm anymore.

However, I’m still passionate about my roleplaying system, SAGA, and I have every intention of continuing to put out new material periodically. Along those lines, I’d like to announce the 6th Edition of the SAGA Core Rulebook and a newer, more polished default character sheet. Both can be found on the Roleplaying & Gaming Page, or by clicking the links below:

Saga, Core Rulebook 6th Edition

Saga Character Sheet

Due to an ongoing in person Shadowrun campaign that we’ve been running with the SAGA system recently, I’ve been hard at work the last few days to bust out an official conversion supplement to bring Shadowrun in line with the SAGA ruleset. After two days of constant work, I present you with said supplement! It contains rules regarding the Matrix and decking, rigging, shamanic totems and magic, a metric asston of Shadowrun weaponry, and mechanics for Essence and cyberware/bioware. Note: this is not a campaign setting, as it does not contain detailed world information. There’s millions of lore building, canonical Shadowrun products for that purpose; this is just a wee 70 page rules supplement. May do a full campaign setting in the future if time and interest permit.

Click Shadowrun SAGA or visit the Roleplaying Page for free downloads!

In preparation for an upcoming SAGA Shadowrun campaign, I’ve thrown together a little SAGA character sheet that’s thematically appropriate. Mostly just an aesthetic change, but also includes an entry for Meta Race on the race line and an entry for Totems/Spirit Guides.

Download here or visit the Roleplaying Page.

This newest campaign setting is an adaptation of White Wolf’s legendary Vampire: the Masqueradei.  While faithful to the original in many ways, this supplement not only adapts the original source material into the SAGA ruleset, but also, hopefully, makes a few improvements. Contained within is detailed information on fourteen clans (including the insular Salubri and the clanless Caitiff), the Camarilla, Sabbat, and Anarch Movement, and a variety of vampiric Disciplines and powers. This supplement can be used to incorporate a comprehensive vampire mythos into any campaign setting or genre, including fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, comtemporary, or any real-world setting.

Click here or visit the Roleplaying Page for free downloads.

NEW ZINE: Paleo-pocalypse!

December 28, 2015

My newest brainchild is a in-depth exploration of “scavenger-tech”, the methodology of scrounging the rubbish and detritus of civilization and repurposing it in primitive skill and survival applications. Among a whirlwind of other topics, this zine covers knapping broken glass bottles and toilet ceramics, friction fire made using exclusively Ikea products, tire tread sandals, candles made from crayons or oranges, fish hooks from soda can tabs, and much more.

Click here or visit the Zines & Literature page for free downloads and online reading. Cheers!